The System of Knowledge (SoK) is intended for teams that want to collaborate and organize company information, save time answering repetitive questions, and on-board new team members quickly. In a contact centre, a knowledge base is a searchable and editable repository of service-related information. This software enables customer service representatives to quickly and accurately find answers to frequently asked questions about a company’s products.

Businesses use contact centre knowledge bases to increase agent productivity and improve the quality of customer service interactions. By establishing and maintaining a database of proven solutions, contact centre knowledge bases ensure that every customer service agent can respond to customer issues quickly and confidently. Furthermore, knowledge bases in the contact centre improve new agent on-boarding and ensure that all service knowledge is transferable, ensuring that expertise does not leave the company when an employee is on vacation. You have access to it at any time while dealing with customers. Canned responses from SoK are made to help you tell your co-workers and clients vital information. Utilize categories, tags, permissions, comments, and other features to group material and share it with colleagues to make it simpler to find what you’re looking for.