Sprinklr, a leading enterprise software company helps create value for all customer-facing functions providing a unified customer experience. Sprinklr’s Social Engagement & Sales capabilities help organisations deliver a positive experience that is true to the customer’s brand – no matter where their users are digitally. Its single, unified platform provides a human experience, every time, across any modern channel.

Integration Xperts deployment of Sprinklr can help brands leverage the industry’s leading publishing and engagement capabilities to:

  • Turn social into a money generator by reaching a larger audience and making content more attractive.
  • Utilize integrated listening, AI-powered conversation recommendations, and automatic inbound triaging that categorizes communications by intent to maximize Social Media Manager output.
  • Protect their brand’s reputation by removing the possibility of off-brand or unauthorized participation.
  • Plan, create, and assess branded content across channels more efficiently by providing cross-team collaboration and visibility on a unified platform.
Social Engagement & Sales

SprinklrSocial Engagement & Sales

  • With Social Engagement & Sales, organisations can deliver a positive experience that’s true to their brand – no matter where their customers are digitally – from a single, unified platform.
  • Most customers are active on a wide variety of channels every day, including social, chat, and messaging. If organisations are not present and engaging with them throughout all of these experiences, their reputation and bottom line will suffer.
Brand Management

SprinklrBrand Management

Managing brands in a complex, digital-first world demands a unified solution. According to one study, a company’s brand reputation accounts for more than 60% of its market value. The management of multiple brands across multiple social platforms is difficult. The use of various social media technologies by brand managers has been linked to disjointed messages and customer experiences. Sprinklr can help you transform this turmoil with its integrated brand management platform.

Contact Centre Or Modern Care

SprinklrContact Centre or Modern Care

Sprinklr Modern Care can help ensure that your customers can always engage on their terms and that organisations can always reply as a single business, With Sprinklr Modern Care your brand can deliver frictionless service across multiple channels, including live chat, social, and messaging, email, SMS, audio, and video. How? In a single contact centre software system, case management and frictionless agent engagement are combined.

Case Management

SprinklrCase Management

Software for case management with AI capabilities can cut operational costs in half. Ownership and escalation fees for the contact centre rise daily. Organisations can automate workflows and streamline case handling across 30+ channels with case management software from Sprinklr Modern Care to lower expenses, shorten the time it takes to resolve issues and boost customer satisfaction.

Ticket System

SprinklrTicket System

Ticketing systems, according to 86% of customer support staff, increase productivity. Sprinklr Modern Care Lite, a ticketing system designed specifically to give unrivalled agent experience, will replace your outdated ticketing systems.