Integration Xperts is your cloud partner. This means we bring a deep business understanding of the constraints to the growth of your business and use that knowledge to drive an IT transition to the cloud. Businesses benefit from operational excellence as their processes get reinvented and costs go down, but we also help businesses reinvent customer experience, respond faster to market and power their growth. All our customers are repeat customers because we’re in it so that they win.


Every customer follows their own path to the cloud. IX is the best partner to help you decide which route to take to the integrated cloud. Our experience from database to platforms with business intelligence to integrating Software as a Service streams with on-premises and extending this to social and mobile allows us to craft the personalized stack that supports your business. In-house teams on AI, machine learning, augmented reality, computer vision, and IoT work with you allow us to unlock the power of disruptive technologies for your integrated cloud. Edge services, like DNS and Web Application Security, ensure that your investments are ready for the future and secure.


Whether you want to create new revenue streams, expand into new businesses, add more product and services and elevate customer experience, or simply respond to market dynamics at speed the integrated cloud is critical to innovating at speed. A cloud project with IX is not about technology, it’s about building a better company.


SenseR analyses video feeds from already installed cameras at retail outlets and uses AI to give you powerful retail analytics. This enables you to know how your customer feels about your products, outlet and representatives. Identify engagement durations, interest levels, store journey and demographics. Record customer emotions, revisits, purchasing patterns and insights.


Increase sales by optimising merchandising placement, store design and measuring sales force effectiveness. Data from this solution and PoS data is used for predictive modeling, allowing the business to assess the impact of a marketing campaign before actually launching it. Know your customers and offer hyper personalised incentives to choose you over the competition!



Polaris uses IoT, mobility, cloud and AI to provide fleet operators with end to end fleet lifecycle management. It offers full compliance with environmental & safety regulations. Monitoring of driver performance & vehicle status for better safety, fuel consumption & scheduled preventative maintenance to improve vehicle valuation. Route management and real time updates for better fleet operations. Determines if vehicle has been driven in an inefficient manner, i.e. harsh braking, harsh acceleration, etc. Real time in-vehicle temperature monitoring for temperature sensitive supply chains.


Optimize the management of municipal waste collection by combining cloud, ultrasonic sensors with AI and GPS. Measure fill level of each bin at runtime, with GPS sensor providing location. This data is sent to the cloud using a GSM/2G connection. Based on the fill level, system will provide an optimized route for trash collection in near real time and send efficient routes directly to drivers. Machine learning is able to create patterns and mark crucial and non-crucial bins and other insights through data analysis. Powerful analytics platform for detailed reporting on waste production, performance of authorities responsible for collection and other metrics.



Passive infrastructure monitoring creates valuable mineable data which is mined by machine learning algorithms with results & insights displayed on a powerful analytics platform. In the case of perishables identify poor environmental conditions in store for better customer experience. Account for geography, industry type etc for the best and most personalized insights. Manage equipment efficiently by having visibility of workload. Locate and mitigate any wastage of power, with alerts and notifications for equipment used, when not needed and in-case not used.

Collection Management System

Collections admin can create strategies for accounts. Classify debts on geography, amount, time outstanding, or any core banking parameter. Admin can allocate to respective agents based on predefined teams. Intelligent distribution ensures governance. Number of accounts can be equal to all agents or net outstanding amount is also similar per agent etc. Powerful engine with multiple configurable filters & performance analytics so admin can adapt to what is working and what is not working. Dashboard with full visibility allows supervisor to set strategies based on business need i.e. they can do followups separately and first calls separately as record exists of past commitments to pay (PTP - Promise to Pay) - Or they can see strategy allocated by admin for example do a geography’s accounts first. Or you can have low hanging fruits strategy where amount is low etc. System also links accounts to PTP so non payment will alert agent accordingly and will escalate case to team lead if that is defined as a strategy. Other powerful features like field flagging, first contact, VIP, legal, repo, legal etc make this the most comprehensive collections product in the market. Complete settlement journey digitized & managed from within product.


System of Knowledge

Centralized processes data base. Centralized FAQ’s and breakdown by product makes both training and call center call handling efficient. Lightning fast searchable queries database which can crawl any type of document. Powerful QA module allows for random sampling of calls and performance over defined time periods. Enterprise grade performance despite amount of documents being used. Average deployment time is just 2 weeks.