SaaS technologies

SAP one of the world’s biggest software firms, has named Integration Xperts a Gold Partner. Integration Xperts provides Consulting, Implementation, Application, and Support services to SAP customers worldwide, allowing them to embrace S/4HANA and SaaS technologies that cover all business operations on a completely digital platform.

SAP End-to-end Solutions

Our relationship with SAP uses our respective capabilities to create end-to-end solutions on-premise and in the cloud. It provides enterprises with the inventive know-how they need to uncover new income sources, outsmart competitors, disrupt the market, and correctly expand their business.

SAP innovative services

Integration Xperts expertise combined with SAP’s innovative services, along with current technologies such as cloud computing and analytics, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain, enables clients to build and expand their businesses.

SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba

The cloud-based SAP Ariba e-procurement and supply chain solutions are always available, simple to use, and can help both large and midsize organisations achieve quick time to value.

Spend management tools from SAP Ariba may help your business digitalize and streamline all of its operations from beginning to end in the cloud. With market-leading spend management systems for sourcing and procurement, you can also digitalize and fully integrate your source-to-pay process.

The supply chain visibility and data-driven information that are required to reduce supplier risk and develop long-term resilience against supply chain disruption can benefit an organisation.

SAP Business By Design

SAP Business by Design

On a single, integrated platform, SAP Business ByDesign offers pre-built procedures for everything from sales and finance to product management and purchasing.

Using in-depth analytics and tried-and-true best practices, connect every department inside your organisation.

  • Smart ERP in the cloud: smooth end-to-end procedure
  • Immediate benefit: Enables quick adaptation to new opportunities
  • Business repercussions: Real time statistics are included to help boost revenue and productivity.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition is a ready-to-run cloud ERP that delivers the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation.

  • S/4HANA uses ready-to-use processes that take into account an organization’s business priorities and evolving needs in order to operate in compliance with industry best practices and generate reliable results.
  • S/4HANA keeps your business ahead by giving you access to the newest technological advancements and process improvements through its completely extendable platform.
SAP Rise


Using the RISE with SAP solution, you can establish an intelligent, sustainable business in the cloud. It includes all of the platforms, tools, applications, and services you’ll need to implement ongoing business innovation made possible by the cloud. It can support compliance, connect you to business networks, and help you rethink company models and business procedures. Lowering mission-critical risk, enables you to access the cloud without risking any compromises. Additionally, SAP and its partners use a guided route to meet you where you are in terms of your IT landscape at each stage, ensuring your success.

RISE with SAP is a flexible solution that allows you to combine:

  • Cloud ERP for all company requirements
  • Industry-leading techniques and extensibility
  • Services that are outcome-driven by SAP and its partners include analytics and business process transformation.