SenseR is a video analytics platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) models & Machine Learning (ML) techniques to help organisations understand their video data and attain actionable insights in real time.


Integration Xperts flagship electrical utility Asset Monitoring Solution (AMS) offers long-term stability, reduced unexpected failures, reliability, and safety of assets.

Data & Analytics

Integration Xperts offers a full range of big data services, from consulting and strategy definition to infrastructure maintenance and support, enabling its clients to get vital insights from previously untapped data assets.


IoT-based systems can create exponential value by adding digital intelligence to physical objects. By connecting products, processes, plants, and people, organisations can create memorable customer experiences and engineer digital ecosystems without boundaries.

Big Data

Integration Xperts is equipped to construct robust data pipelines at any scale for data transformation, building an efficient data lake, integrating third-party systems, pattern mining and stream analytics which helps companies in better forecasting and planning.


Integration Xperts provides innovative blockchain solutions to government, finance, banking and cybersecurity domain for payment, smart contracts and digital identities