Sadaf Iqbal

Head of Data Science Department

Sadaf Iqbal is Head of the Data Science Department at Integration Xperts. Sadaf is responsible for developing Video Analytics Solutions for multiple industries and growing the data science research and development activities at Integration Xperts.

Before her tenure at Integration Xperts, she worked as a consultant for organisations such as Gaditek, Foreepay and Liberatrade. She has also served as Assistant Professor at two leading Pakistani universities; FAST NUCES and NED University of Engineering and Technology. As a computer vision and natural language researcher, she has 10+ publications in reputed conferences (ICML, ICIAP, IbPRIA, IPTA) and journals (JEI, IJACSA).

Sadaf is a gold medallist for a Bachelor in Computer Science from NED University of Engineering and Technology and holds a Master in Computer Science Degree with distinction from the same university.