energy and utility


Prosper in a future with inexpensive, sustainable energy and water. Provide exceptional customer service, increase energy efficiency, and manage networks and assets to provide daily services, to your consumers.

energy and utility

Who We Serve

Integration Xperts is a leading solution provider for the energy and utility sectors (DISCOs and Township Utility Grid). By offering digital technology, business consulting, infrastructure & enterprise security, platform & network offerings, and enhancements, Integration Xperts helps these sectors grow in the right direction and increase their quality of service and productivity. Integration Xperts exclusive intellectual offering for the power distribution industry – Elec.Tree – is a Power Transmission & Distribution asset monitoring IoT solution. Asset safety, reliability, and long-term stability are all features of Integration Xperts flagship asset monitoring solution.

Some notable customers benefiting from Integration Xperts service offerings are:

  • KE
  • Reon Energy
  • Atlas Power
  • IESO