Datatex is the world’s leading supplier of IT software solutions designed for Textile and Apparel manufacturers. DataTex is enabling textile manufacturers with their planning & scheduling functions, and comprehensive & accurate costing functionalities throughout the value additions process from cotton to fabric.


Fulfilling unique and industry-based requirements, DataTex enables textile and apparel manufacturers with important data processing capabilities ensuring that key stakeholders have transparency throughout the process to make informed decisions that enhance productivity & business efficiency while incorporating sustainability initiatives.


The New Generation Software Solutions from Datatex:

Network Oriented World (NOW)
  • This Business Software Solution specializes in textiles, apparel, and home fashion. The application uses latest technologies enabling state-of-the-art IT platforms across an organisation. Integration Xperts has a dedicated trained team to implement this NOW solution anywhere in Pakistan.
  • NOW provides proven solutions that match the demands of the market and are simple to use in any setting.


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