Engagement Models

Business Process OutsourcingEngagement Models

Pave your way to success with flexible engagement models, laser-focused on timely delivering successful projects for your business.

Built Operate Transfer (BOT) Model

Business Process OutsourcingBuilt Operate Transfer (BOT) Model

Integration Xperts provides BPO services in the BOT model to improve and manage a business process or information technology service delivery operation with the explicit goal of transferring the operation to the company or customer as a captive centre.

Proof Of Concept (POC) Model

Business Process OutsourcingProof of Concept (POC) Model

Developing a POC is the quickest and most accurate way to validate or invalidate assumptions about your target users and app concept. In the world of innovation, a POC is a simple project that validates or demonstrates an idea. Integration Xperts offers a POC model of engagement to save customers’ time, pick the right technology and check against the competition.

Managed Services

Business Process OutsourcingManaged Services

End-to-end software delivery to meet your requirements and expectations managed.Benefit from a proven, trusted managed IT services partner who can attach to your existing IT infrastructure to scale and evolve your enterprise.Full-cycle managed services target enterprise software engineering to bring you all the benefits of in-house software delivery — predictable, scalable, and strategic — while freeing up your internal resources for business priorities.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Business Process OutsourcingMinimum Viable Product (MVP)

Are you planning to experiment with your unique idea? Integration Xperts has cross-functional teams of top-rated MVP development experts. Integration Xperts can help start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop a secure and simple minimum viable product with less development cost and little time to market.

Time & Material

Business Process OutsourcingTime & Material

The time & Material based model proves particularly useful in projects which are complex and highly susceptible to specification and design changes during the project execution. This model provides immense flexibility and scope for the development and modification of project specifications on an ongoing in line with changes in the market needs.